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FULL MISSION PROFILE Situation: While on routine foot patrol in a remote village in the Horn of Aftrica (HOA), your squad received a call that one of the trucks in a  nearby humanitarian aid convoy, carrying vital food, medicine, and supplies for local families blew a tire and veered off the road, rolling over several times down [...]


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Full Mission Profile Situation: A fire broke out last night at a industrial facility containing hazardous material.  Firefighters and emergency workers worked throughout the night to contain the blaze, and have called for reinforcement and replacement manpower.  Upon arriving at the scene, the Incident Commander notified your team that while working on the fire, an [...]


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Full Mission Profile Situation: High level Taliban leaders are confirmed to be meeting in a remote mountainous area in Afghanistan.  This may be the only opportunity to execute an operation where so many of the leadership are together.  Unfortunately their security will be extremely heavy. Objective: Your team will insert covertly and carry out a [...]

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