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Are you an athlete?

Do you think more about how fast you can go, how much you can lift, or how long you can endure, than you do about how many calories you’re burning?

Athletes don’t simply exercise – they train. Brass Ring Fitness is dedicated to training athletes from all walks of life, who are in pursuit of their Brass Ring.

I want more for you than to simply look healthy and fit. I want you to be fit by thinking differently and training differently. You will achieve more than just the loss of a few pounds of fat, or the gain of a few pounds of muscle, you will experience a degree of functional fitness that will exceed your expectations.

Training an athlete in the Overhead Squat

Brass Ring Training

This program starts with mastering the basics. All human movement can be put on a scale that starts with the simple and progresses to the complex. Far too often, in a rush to achieve success, individuals bypass the “simple” things only to be broken on the rocks of their impatience. In Brass Ring Fitness, there is a saying:

“It’s simple, but it’s not easy”.

Depending on your fitness level, you will either start with Basic Training and then move into the Brass Ring Cycle, or you may already have enough competency to jump right in. If you’re wondering what is right for you, Contact a Coach.

Special Operations

It’s easy to see that a big part of this site is dedicated to individuals training for Special Operations careers. This is due in part to the fact that as the Head Coach, I dedicate a great deal of my time to training and equipping the next generation of SOF (Special Operations Forces) warriors.

Part of this training includes the Full Mission Profile Workouts. These are reality based scenarios that bring the authenticity of the mission and the need for elite levels of fitness in all areas.

For more information on this training, read through the Pre-SOF articles I have written for the CrossFit Journal.