Assessment Based Training

“Know thyself” ~Socrates

One of the biggest challenges for coaches who create training programs, and for those who follow them, is determining a method for appropriate scaling which is challenging enough to develop long term physical adaptation without undue risk of injury.  For athletes whose objective is optimal fitness, this is extremely difficult due to an inherent competitive nature, which drives them to push their training to the limit –  but often results in going over the edge.

The Assessment

The solution utilized in the 12 month long Brass Ring Cycle is a comprehensive assessment.

Actual Assessment Results

The 5 day assessment is a challenging week of workouts, in and of itself, but serves as a way to benchmark fitness in 5 primary areas:

Strength – Muscles ability to exert force against resistance.

Stamina – Muscles ability to repeatedly exert force against resistance.

Power – Muscles ability to explosively exert force against resistance.

Speed – Muscles ability to rapidly and repeatedly exert force against resistance.

Endurance – Muscles ability to efficiently use oxygen to produce energy to exert force against resistance.

Results of the Assessment

 The results of the assessment provide a great deal of information, however there are two primary areas of information that are key.

The first is Balance:

Balance Graph

The objective of a GPP training program is to create a well rounded athlete that is capable of excelling at any task.  Any areas that are ignored in training create ‘weak links’.

The second is Competency:

Competency Graph

Competency is assessed by levels, from 1 to 4, and provides both a means for Scaling Your Training in the Brass Ring Cycle – which also uses a 4 level scaling matrix – as well as Setting Your Goals for future assessments.

Training Template - Example

If you’re looking for a challenging training program that provides valuable feedback that allows you to achieve optimal fitness, check out the Brass Ring Cycle.  For a free program, check out the Basic Training Program.

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